The Early Years

In the early 1990's after over 300 years of farming and caring for the land the family decided to close down the dairy farm and build a golf course.

After centuries of installing drainage and maintaining fields the change was not as big a jump as might first be thought. In 1991 the family set about designing the course with help from Richard Bradbeer who had already been Captain of the PGA and has since been awarded Master professional status. The designs complete the heavy machinery set about shaping the course, installing further drainage and setting the foundations for the greens. Late in 1991 the foundations where completed and the greens seeded.

The first clubhouse built in 1992, fondly know as the wood hut it contained a bar, pro shop and changing rooms.

Early in the summer of 1992 the course opened and was immediately popular with queues around the old wooden clubhouse a common sight. With the tireless care and attention of the ground staff the course matured quickly and as the trees grew the courses reputation grew with them.

Constant Improvements

Every year since, the ground staffs have made improvements with either a new tee or bunker, moving a tree or reshaping a green. This has ensured the course is still as popular today as it was then.

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